Playwright / Screenwriter

In Bloom


-Winner of Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Prize

-Developed with new york theatre workshop at dartmouth, ken davenport theatrical, Araca Group & Manhattan Theatre Club

-Laurents / Hatcher Award Finalist

-Princess Grace Award Runner-Up

-Winner of the Kennedy Center ACTF Paula Vogel Prize  

-Austin Critics’ Table Nomination for Best New Play

-Mario Fratti / Fred Newman Political Play Finalist

In 2006, Aaron, an American documentary filmmaker, goes to the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan where he and his fixer Naweed are shooting a film about the sudden rise of the opium trade post-Taliban. During the shoot, Aaron encounters bacha bazi (literally translated “boy play”)— an ancient Afghan tradition in which young boys dress in women’s clothing and dance for wealthy warlords at parties. Afterwards, the boys are prostituted to the highest bidder. When Aaron meets Hafiz, a young and beautiful bacha bi reesh (beardless boy), Aaron’s intentions in Afghanistan become personal and the lines of east and west begin to blur. IN BLOOM is a dangerous and sensual modern allegory that peeks under the proverbial veil of gender and sexuality in Afghanistan and examines the privileges and consequences of telling someone else’s story. 

Cast size: 7+ men. Run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes w/o intermission.